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Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Click Ad War

On many sites you may see this small addition to a web page that offers you for a click to go to a commercial site that will encourage you to spend your money.

When you make that click the site that offers the ad gets paid for the click. It may not be much, (but it could be a lot). It all depends on just how many times a visitor to your site makes the small commitment to click.

The reward to the owner of the site can be slight or large. If we decided to use the Google adsense program it would target ads generated on the content of our blog. When this blog first started the return would be small, now the return would be larger, but we are not speculating how much.

We have not ventured into to this area for several reasons. One, we are not in this for the money, two we do not want to distract from the content we offer, and three we just plain do not like ad laden sites. In fact our feelings about this is strong enough that we limit our promotion to Andy's Light a local charity and one clickable link to an ebay store of one of our contributors who has taken a leave of absence from the blog.

Now, there is an internet war going on that is taking the clickable revenues to task. Competitors are clicking each other sites to use up the others ad revenue. And there are other twists and turns from splogs that are non-human blogs geared just to get you to click, to other more refined efforts to spam you with unwanted ads.

We want to thank Google for providing us with a site that can be ad free, and allows the free promotion of ideas with no requirement that we serve a commercial end.


At 3:09 PM, Blogger D L Ennis said...

Click fraud runs ramped these days apparently.


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