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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Hubble That: Right to Your Desktop

"Appearing like a winged fairy-tale creature poised on a pedestal, this object is actually a billowing tower of cold gas and dust rising from a stellar nursery called the Eagle Nebula. The soaring tower is 9.5 light-years or about 90 trillion kilometres high, about twice the distance from our Sun to the next nearest star."

The Hubble telescope offers some great pictures of the universe that always amaze me of what is just out there that we normally can't see.

Besides NASA, the European Space Agency offers the best source for copyright free material that everyone is allowed to download. It has some of the best selections for space wall paper. There are also learning modules that are great for kids and adult kids like me.


At 1:59 PM, Blogger Melissa O. Markham said...


Beautiful! Now the Cat's Eye Nebula is on my desktop and I have two new RSS feeds;) Jack enjoyed looking at the Hubble gallery as well.


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