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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Wilma Whispers: Higher Gas Prices

Reported by NOAA:

"Oct. 17, 2005 —Tropical storm Wilma brewing over the northwestern Caribbean Sea takes the tally of named storms this year to 21, tying 1933 as the busiest hurricane season since records began in 1851. Wilma also is the final name on the 2005 list of storm names. Any additional tropical storms and hurricanes that form this season will be classified by the NOAA National Hurricane Center using the Greek alphabet, beginning with Alpha. " To read more go to the NOAA website.

Fox News is reporting tonight with the mere threat of Wilma, which is expected to gain hurricane strength, prices are expected to escalate at the pump. Just when you thought prices would continue go down.

This morning we expect the price changing event will start in our area. The forecast track of Wilma is to continue westward, then make a turn north, possibly targeting the west coast of Florida. But the track is not nailed down, and the storm is expected to organize becoming at least a category 2 storm, but maybe larger. As the week progresses also expect the price of fuel to rise. Just a hint of possible damage to our Gulf region, is going to change the numbers at the pump.


At 5:08 AM, Anonymous Gravy Beard said...

Great title Bob, but please, somebody gag Wilma…we don’t need any higher gas prices!



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