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Friday, October 14, 2005

Ben Fawley: The Caged Bird Sings

:: The same shack as in "Home Sweet Home". I thought this old little place made for a good photo. Real "white trash" live in this area. The sort of place crazy porn stars come from. :-p ....gee, odd that porn star photos came from this location. :-p See By Ben Fawley, he describes a place near where Taylor Behl's body was found.

Today the Richmond Times Dispatch is reporting:

'"He made a statement," Collins said in a phone interview. "He has been wanting to talk to the police. He was pretty frantic yesterday [Wednesday] to talk to the police. I advised him not to talk, and he didn't take my advice," said Collins, who was present during the interview."

Fawley's attorney, Chris Collins was appointed by the State.

While the details of Ben Fawley's statement has not been released, he spent two hours detailing things, that could be true, partially true, or perhaps a pack of lies. Ben Fawley's world is collapsing around him, and even under the best of circumstances his mind would be an imperfect filter for the truth. He deceives himself as much as he deceives others.

Ben Fawley, had a vendetta against Erin Crabill. She was an estranged girl friend of Fawley. Yet the more you delve into it, this is more of a one sided relationship, built on Fawley's compulsive desires. His obsession turned to hate. He dedicated at least two websites to rant on how Erin Crabill had stolen his art work of her, and then he just rants, continuously how about how evil she is, but we know the real evil is Ben Fawley himself. His last entry on those websites was Aug 11th. Shortly after that he wrote this on his live journal:

I need someone who would like to play Goth/fetish dress up for some photos for use on the web page, nothing “bad”, just fun. The photos will be taken outside @ Hollywood as sort of a silly Goth set. I want to do something in a “Goth dress”, “pointed boots" with no platforms if you have them. The idea is to look sorta “80’s Goth”, the flowing long black dress and that stuff. Then the Goth/fetish look that is more “today” with the same person in the same spots, as I would be making some animated gif images from some of the photos. I have no cash, but you can have all of the photos I take. :-p>

I just want to play with the camera at two (or three) locations (abandoned buildings) I go to. All of the locations are “safe” but yes, they are abandoned buildings just the same. I want a model to be in the foreground as I think it would be a great set. Both locations are a bit off the track but will have to be done in the day for safety. I need to do this before it gets too warm and the bees come out, I am allergic to bees and that is a nuff said about that.

We now know that the location was right next door to Erin Crabill's parents home in Mathew's Virginia. He did not pick this place lightly. And most likely he never thought the Taylor's Behl body would actually be found. It appears that this was a way, a twisted passive aggressive way to attack Erin. To dig and bury a grave next to a place, he enjoyed being with Erin, and to put death next to the place when his twisted mind turned to hate of Erin.

In Fawley's mind this was justice. Erin was a victim, who unknowingly fell in Ben Fawley's grasp. Just 23 Erin, was also half Fawley's age. And like Fawley she looks younger than she is. Behl Taylor was said to be knowledgable of worldly ways. Erin, who has lived a hard life, grew up fast. And saw the danger of Ben Fawley, who had uncontrolled jealousy, who had a facination with death, and who could morph from kind to sadistic thoughts in less time it would take to make a breath.

She steered clear of Fawley, and you can see Fawley's writing a slow change from desire, to wanting, to obession. and ultimately to unbridled hate. Erin Crabill is one of many victims of Ben Fawley he strew in his wake. Here is an example of his hate for Erin from Ben Fawley's writing:

"Gee, I bet she feels good about lying, breaking not only my agreement but that of Suicide Girls and Veg Porn. I wonder if word of this did get out how well she would get paid work? Well I am trying. I have contacted both porn web sites since the photos were original art by me, I have rights, and I found out that there are printed copies of my web page in the hands of someone to prove the images were up over a year ago. Well this professional whore got one, ok, well she can have her fun. I have not done a single thing to her, and I will not as I did care for her once. Sad I know, I was silly to think a girl who will lie and cheat on a guy she said she "loved" for about two years could tell the truth to anyone was just stupid of me. I wonder if she was behind his getting busted for a Hacking mess? As my system has been hacked a total of five times now, and only files related to her are the target of the hacker..."

And Ben Fawley, or skulz just couldn't stop his harassment of her. Our opinion, is that he will further accuse her in his statements to the police, he wants to serve his own justice. And the object of his hate is Erin, and his weapon was Taylor Behl's body placed next to her parent's home. And as you can see from his previous rant, clouded from the imperfect filter of his mind the hate has grown to a crescendo. And what truth or lies, and what perception and false perception Ben Fawley conceived. He was and maybe is on a path to bring ruin to Erin.

To read all our post on Taylor Behl go here.

Picture credit: Skulz or better know as Ben Fawley, a self portrait.


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