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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Stuffy Nose? Get Out Your ID

News Channel 3 in the Hampton Roads is reporting:

"Virginians suffering from stuffy noses and colds will now have to show identification and sign a register if they want to buy Sudafed or similar medications."

This started Saturday, in an attempt to curb the availability of Sudafed, a primary ingredient for making meth. Meth is a growing problem in Virginia, a very addictive drug that has been described as the "poor man's cocaine."

Meth labs have been found throughout Virginia, the process of making meth is dangerous to those that do it, and have been known to cause dangerous explosions, a threat to others. So when they ask for your ID when you buy Sudafed, know that you are helping Virginia fight the war on drugs, as well as fighting a running nose.


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