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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Lynchburg Regional Airport: Hanger 8? Hanger 9? CIA? Terrorism?

This is a test of your internet surfing skills, provided below are some claims that have been made by a variety of sources. Your task if you decide to take it, is to find answers to the following questions. Suggested beginning point Google: Britannia Aviation and Lynchburg Virginia.

Are there some who are linking the 9-11 disaster to connections right here in Lynchburg Virginia?

There are some that are stating Britannia Aviation is a CIA shell company and operates in Hanger 8 and Hanger 9 of the Lynchburg Regional airport, could that be true?

Why did the City of Lynchburg make a lease for one dollar (and other valuable considerations) to Britannia Aviation?

What are the connections to the 9-11 bombers to Britannia Aviation? If there are any.

Did the FAA look the other way when Britannia Aviation came to Lynchburg?

Can any of the sources for this conspiracy theory of Hanger 8 and Hanger 9 really be trusted?

What is your conclusion?

Are you a conspiracy theorist? And can we trust your conclusions?


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