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Saturday, October 08, 2005

The Folly of Fawley: And Now a New Charge

The Richmond Times is reporting:

A new charge has been issued against Ben Fawley: Possession of a gun by a convicted felon. Pehaps that bullet the police found in his apartment did have a home. It will be weeks before the investigation will be completed, the Richmond Police is taking their time covering all the bases. But the handwriting is on the wall, Fawley will be charged. The hammer of justice will fall right in his lap.

Fawley's Deviant Art membership has been closed. There is a message there because of the on going investigation, the owner of the site shut him down. The Deviant Art site wants to make it clear that Fawley was only a member of the site, and had nothing to do with the management.

Other sites of Fawley's are still open like his live journal. We expect that sooner or later this site will be closed also.

We fully expect, that as the details come out in this case, we are going to see a web of relationships that radiated from Fawley, in almost a Charles Manson like way. He was a manipulator, and a user of women, a person fascinated with murder, shallow graves, abandoned buildings and a person drawn to perverse sexual practices, that had no limits. He tried to push the envelope. Here is a transcript from his live journal that illustrates how he planned on pushing the envelope.

This entry is not for the eyes of children, or the squamish. Stop reading if you have easily offended sensibilities. Here is his thoughts on Bitter or T, who to him meant Taylor Behl:

:: Talking to a friend ::::

I have dated lots of women, had sex with even more. This is because I am old. So I was talking to a good friend about shit and I wonder why she is just a friend and not so much more. “B” is very good in bed, fact she is one of the best I have been with and it is just her, due to nothing "learned". What makes her so good is her knack for touch as she just has this way of touch that is extremely sensual. With her talent for touch “B” could get me into bed anytime she wanted. I still have a bit to learn about her, but I will say she is someone I do care about so that helps make it more than just sex. For me sex is something that takes time to get really good, You need to learn what your partner likes for it to get really good. So one I have had sex with recently I can't comment on as I never got a chance to learn what she likes. The time spent with “T” was a lot of fun, and I will treasure that as something very special. I will also harbor the hope that I will get the chance to go there again with her, though I am almost certain that will never be. If I do get that chance again I do have something in mind that I would like to see if she enjoys. “A” and I had sex just three times, the first two were not so great as my mind wasn’t into it. The last time was ok for a quick roll in bed, but I didn’t know her enough to say it was anything great on my part. It was just a quickie and I have a lot to learn about this girl. I was sad that she lied to me, I am not really mad at her, I just don’t like when someone lies to me like she did. However I now wonder what I saw in her as she has changed in a way I don’t like. “J” and I have played around with sex on and off for a while. She and I have a lot of fun, but it is just sex. I do know very well what she likes and while we were having sex we enjoyed quickies and long marathons alike. Yet there is no emotional connection so it will always be just sex, no matter how fun it was. I also know she and I are past, she has moved on and I thank her for the time we did have. “C” and I have played around here and there, again it is just sex as she and I have no intention of it ever being more than just sex. It is fun as we play around trying shit to see what she likes. I am just thinking the last time we were together was the last. “E” I am still learning, for me it was something more. I wonder where it will go, if it will go anywhere more. Part of me wishes it would and last a time, I want more than I think I will be allowed. I am almost certain she may just be someone who is in my life for only a while, I wonder how long that while will be.

Much of this is a ramble of a sick mind, and there are letter codes that may only be known to him, but it shows his desire to push the limit. And, could that limit be to far, and now maybe, he thinks he owns her in death.

You can read all our posts on the Behl murder here. And the next time we post, we may have a clue on if Schultz really did know Behl, and a hint of maybe someone else.


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