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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Taylor Behl: More Pieces of the Puzzle

The mystery of the Taylor Behl disappearance, is unfolding and sadly the body found in Mathews Virginia appears to be Taylor Behl. The finding of the body are offering clues to the possible players in this macabre play. Here is an entry from Fawley in his Live Journal after the disappearance:

:: A year ago friends of an ex-girlfriend came into my apartment
and attacked me. One left stabbed with his own knife. Now I got jumped, I am
almost sure it was friends of the girl I was having problems with 4 months
She has people saying I am doing stuff to her when I haven't done a
thing. Yet
she is placing ads online in my name. She posted messages to my
guest book that
were far from nice, and more. Now while I( was out taking
photos I think she had
me jumped.

I was out very
early, not sure of the time but the sun hadn't been up long. I was
heading up to Monument to take photos when 3 to 4 guys jumped me.
They got a
trash bag over my head before I could see them. Tossed me into a car
dumped me out on some dirt road. I wasn't hurt much, just from where that
sat on me. As they never said a word I am sure this was not just a robbery.
My one camera and tripod is missing along with the $20.00 I had tucked
in the camera. I didn't have my wallet, but I did have my bank card and that
wasn't taken.

I am sure it was someone who was looking to get a
message across. The only person who is giving me trouble is Erin &
friends, so I am
sure this is another gift from her. So add this to the
tally of shit she pulled,
the worse was getting my web site pulled down. She
used VegPorn to kill my site.
If I had the money I can sue, but I don't have
the cash to pay the lawyer's
retainer. So she killed the web page, destroyed
a bed I made, posted some ads
and stuff that sure didn’t help, and now had
me jumped.
Gee what a nice
girl. I would just leave town, but the
day before I was to head to Philly she
made sure I couldn’t go. Friday
thanks to her I now face more problems keeping
me here in this suck-ass
town. I have a way out of town. Why must this psycho
keep harassing me, why
can’t she just let me alone so I can go back to my kids?

There has been references on the internet that Erin who is from Mathews Virginia, was the one that provided the lead to the Richmond Police, was the previous girl friend who informed them of this remote place, where the shallow grave was discovered. He calls her a psycho and accuses her of planning his abduction that occurred on the same day, Taylor Behl went missing. The unsettling connection between Erin and Fawley we hope is explored carefully by the grand jury, now appointed.

But the main point to remember, the above post by Fawley, was a product of a mind that often finds enemies either real or imagined.

If you delve deep in Fawleys archives of posts you will find a reference to a bondage bed, could this be the bed that he claimed Erin destroyed? There is a vast mosaic of unanswered questions, concerning Falwey and his friends. How all the characters develop in this too real mystery play is yet to be answered.

The one answer we do know that it has led to the death of such a young intelligent Taylor Behl, whose life was wiped away, before her life had a chance to start.

Here you can find a list of all our posts on Taylor Behl that we have posted.

And here you can find the Missing and Abducted website.


At 8:13 AM, Anonymous Gravy Beard said...

You have been on top of this thing all the way Bob. This website is the best source of information in Lynchburg.

Thank you for your efforts!


At 1:47 PM, Blogger B O B said...

Thanks Gravy Beard, I appreciate your comment. Sometimes I am just compulsive when I find a story interesting. Sometimes to a personal fault. This has been one story I just haven't been able to let loose of.

There is another blog who is using my words as their own, I guess imitation is truly one of the best forms of flattery. I personally feel I could have written some of these stories better, sometimes you are your own worst critic also.


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