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Friday, October 07, 2005

Taylor Behl Murder: Will There Be More Than One Suspect?

The investigation continues in the Taylor Behl disappearance that has now, turned to regretably a death investigation. While the prosecutor is remaining tight lipped, and cautious with his statements. This will no doubt be a murder investigation.

Often times when we think of aberrations of human behavior, that results in a terrible crime like this, we think in singular terms in regards of who committed this terrible act. We should be open to the idea that more than one person may be involved. The target of the investigation is focusing clearly on Ben Fawley. But there are some unanswered questions.

One that comes to mind, is in Fawley's claimed abduction statement, that occurred on the night of the disappearance. He reported that a camera and a tripod was stolen. Ben Fawley has left many hints that telegraph his involvement, from countless statements on the internet. Lets look at the camera and tripod for a moment.

He reported the camera was stolen the night he was abducted. Ben Fawley must have know he would come under suspicion when the facts came out about Taylor Behl. Fawley and photography were an inseparateable part of his twisted life. Where did the camera go, and was it used in part of the crime?

Could there still be digital media or film there also that would be a slam dunk for his prosecution? And where would he hide his camera, in Mathews where Behl was found or some other location? He stated he knew three or four remote locations, should efforts be made to look at those sites also?

Then there is the bed, that he claimed Erin destroyed. He claimed he made this bed. Fawley had stated earlier in his live journal that he had made a bondage bed. Could this be the place the that Taylor Behl, met her terrible fate? Fawley has also talked about other photographers using the bondage bed for photo opportunities. Who are the other players in Ben Fawley's life?

And then there are "Erin and friends," his past girlfriend who he made clear was spreading lies about him, and apparently in Fawley's mind she had friends and all of them where set against him in all that he did. Erin according to the Richmond police is not a suspect, but she is currently caught up in this, and so could be her friends.

And lets not forget about Shultz, who has denied knowing both Taylor and Fawley. The scent of the police dog led directly to him from Taylor's car. Later, there is a lot of questions, and it was brought out that Shultz did know her. CNN last night, said that Taylor even had a date with him on the night Taylor went missing. Is Shultz denial of knowing Fawley also untrue?

And, we would not want to forget, there could be others that haven't surfaced yet, that could be involved. The Richmond police is being is being tight lipped, and there is more to this mystery than meets the eye.

And if you look at Taylor's mother statement, which I watched on CNN and read in the Richmond Times. Perhaps this shows the most evident clue that there is more than one involved. Read carefully:

"My mind still cannot absorb the fact that someone could do something this cruel and heinous to my 17-year-old child," said Pelasara, appearing subdued and exhausted. "I am positive the authorities will bring these subhumans to justice, and I pray they receive the death penalty."

Notice that she says subhumans could this be another indication that more than one person is involved?

Could there be more than one suspect, lets not rule anything out? We know the Richmond police will be diligent in exploring all the possibilities.

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At 10:45 AM, Blogger Ken Martin said...

There are a lot of behind the scene things that are not being told or released. Some of the people involved could be considered "cult" like in nature. If and when aditional information is released, it should clear something up.

The entire incident could be a good example of how people, friends, family and such fail to discuss their friends and activities with their loved ones.

At 2:36 PM, Blogger B O B said...

Thank you for your comment Ken. Yes, I believe there are lessons here, and the one you point is very valid.

Our world is made up of many kinds of people, their values and beliefs may be completely different than yours. You should not assume you are safe, and you should be aware of your surroundings. What we learn from others can be something that we won't have to experience ourselves.


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