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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Behl Murder Mystery: Possibilities That May Be in Left Field, But Still in the Ballpark

Having reviewed much of the internet sources from Taylor Behl, and Ben Fawley, a couple of possibilities have crept into my mind, and some are very hard to shake.

When I explore a subject, sometimes I just can not stay in the box of conventional thought. Some of the ideas I am going to present to you here are just pure speculation, on my part but they may not be without merit. And some may offer ideas to explore that others have not yet considered. So here are several things that I have been pondering on:

Julie Popovich, another beautiful young girl has been missing since mid August. Her body was found in a remote location much like Taylor Behl's body was found. Julie Popovich was last seen leaving a bar in Columbus Ohio with a strange man. Ben Fawley has lived in Columbus Ohio. He loves to travel and attends goth festivals. There were goth festivals in Ohio at the time. The Ohio plates were taken from a student cars near VCU near the time Julie Popovich went missing. Could Fawley have gone to Ohio at that time and used those plates? And could Fawley be involved in the mystery surrounding Julie Popovich?

Jesse Schultz, was originally questioned by the Richmond Police because a police dog followed a scent to his Aunt's home. He had taken a lie detector test, and the results were questionable when he denied knowing Taylor Behl. Then, just recently it struck me that I have a couple of comments on a previous post, in support of Jesse Schultz. I want you to read this comment carefully and see if you notice what struck me:

At 8:21 PM, Anonymous said...
I only want people to know that there is a side of Jesse that the media is not displaying. Whether or not her scent was discovered in his vehicle. I'm sure that mine would be, as well as a hundred others. I know I sound as if I'm on the offensive, and I am. He's a good, kindhearted guy.

Now what I am noticing here, is that a friend of Schultz knew Taylor Bethl, in fact, he is saying that his scent would also be in the car. For the sake of argument lets assume that anonymous here really did know Behl and Shultz. It would be hard not to conclude that Shultz did know Behl. Now did he know Fawley also?

Now you may think I have hit the ball of speculation in left field, but I think it is in the ball park of reasonable speculation. So far a lot of my conclusions have proved correct with recent facts that now have been uncovered, you can see by reading my previous posts found here. You will also if you look carefully, links to Fawley and Behl's websites. And if you have any thoughts we will be glad to respond to them in the comments.


At 10:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had never considered Julie to be conected. She may be conected and if Ben got awy with murder once he may have felt that he could again only this time he picked someone with a cookie trail and roadmap directly to him.

At 3:34 AM, Blogger B O B said...

Thanks for the comment. When I look at the time frame it is entirely possible that Ben Fawley could have been in Ohio at the time. Oddly, although I can't state this for a fact Julie may also have a connection with Doylestown Pa. That was the place that Ben Fawley stole at least 2 Dodge Darts. I have not been following Julie's case mainly because I try to stick closer to home, but Julie may be from Doylestown Pa. I did do an internet search of her name and found Doylestown connected to her name.


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