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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Going Down the James

Let me say at first, you have to appreciate the kind instruction by Mr. Green. His wife, Rita Green owns the business, and he works for her.

The Blackwater Creek Bike Rentals also provides canoes. Its found downtown off Jefferson Street in an unassuming trailer. You can reach them by phone at 845-0293. They are working on a plan to serve the physically disabled. And by the popularity of his business we are sure they will achieve their goal.

Well, July forth a friend and I decided to experience an adventure, going down the James.

We set out from Blackwater Rentals, and our plan was to go down the James to Mount Athos. Its about a 14 mile trip and would take about 3 and 1/2 hours.

We didn't break any speed records, our idea was to relax and just have some fun. The only hard part was, you had to go up river before you could go down, to catch the right fork of the river. It wasn't exactly a piece of cake.

It had rained just before we left and the current was surprisingly strong. But after a little challenge, and a lot of help from Mr. Green we were on our way down the James.

We found something we missed, a peaceful tranquility sneaking down the river, brings you right next to the wonders of nature. Ducks and deer sightings were indeed a pleasure. So was the quiet, as man made sounds drifted further away.

Every so often, you would see people fishing quietly along banks. We were in silent awe also, watching the river unfold before us. Almost too soon, we had reached our goal of Mount Athos, at the Joshua boat ramp. Our adventure ended too soon.

Many thanks to the Greens for providing us this adventure. We hope you go see them soon.

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