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Monday, July 04, 2005

When You Talk to that Computer Voice to Get Your Phone Repaired

She is so polite and tries to be helpful, but you know you got to jump through a hoop of questions and hope you will land on the right answer, to get your phone repaired. She is apt to do, if she is confused, go back to the beginning of the questions and start over.

Then if you are lucky, you get a personal customer associate, to help you out. But, the phone company is outsourcing to some foreign country, and although they speak English, English becomes a foreign language to both of you. Lets face it, we talk different in the south. Everyone should talk like us, but the rest of the world has not caught up with us yet.

So I got an idea. I have been known for my crazy ideas, but sometimes like crazy glue they begin to stick to people.

My idea is to train that computer voice over at the phone company, the fine art of twenty questions. Remember that game we played as kids. Well, there is an artificial intelligence program that learns as it goes on. Its called 20 Questions. Now, I am going to make a claim here. If you try it, you will find this program can read your mind. Well, at least most of the time. Anyway, much better than the voice the phone company has. Care to try it, here's the link. Its free and it might learn something from you.

(Satire, and other things for your amusement)


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