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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Local heros: And the Heroics of Army Staff Sergeant Eugene Simpson

WSET reported on how area schools (Sandusky Elementary and Heritage Elementary) united with at least two businesses (The Boston Market and the Texas Roadhouse) in Lynchburg to help one true hero Army Staff Sergeant Eugene Simpson.

With their efforts, and contributions from many in the community and elsewhere, more than 52,000 dollars was raised. Soon, Staff Sergeant Eugene Simpson will have a house that will be equipped for his needs, due to the generous thanks, many have given him for his exceptional service for our country. To see his story, a must read is an article written about him in the Stars and Stripes. After you read this, you will know this man does deserve our support, as he supported us, and while injured, he saved the life of another.

To see ways to aid our troops go to the Because you care link on the right.

Thank you Army Staff Sergeant Eugene Simpson and all those showing their appreciation for his service to us and our country.

(Patriotism and supporting our troops) (Local spotlight on people)


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