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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Lynchburg Restaurant Reviews: Virginia Health Department Style

Are you thinking, Hmmm think I will run out and get a bite? Hmmm where should I go? Does your mind wander, as you think? "I think I want a burger."

Then on impulse, you hop in your car and head to your favorite eatery. Or are you going to try a new place? Stop! There maybe something you want to consider, the Virginia Health Department posts their latest inspections. Maybe you should have a look. See under Lynchburg Links on the right, go there and look to the left of the page, and check out food inspections. From there you will see Lynchburg under the L's ofcourse. Now you are set to read their reviews of Lynchburg restaurants and anywhere food might be served. From the city jails to Daycare, you are going to be informed of the safest places to eat.

You are one click away from a dining experience you won't regret.

(Restaurant reviews and safety)


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