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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Face to Face

A friend of mine from my local homeschool group has a blog at HSB. She also writes here at Lynchburg, VA. Mimi has recently published her first book of inspirational poetry called Face to Face. These poems will touch your soul! Check it out!

Here is a poem from Mimi's book, Face to Face.

Anointed to Succeed
by Mimi Thompson (adapted from "Face to Face")

Without question, God is the very essence of our lives
Invigorating the air that we breathe
Our unceasing supply of benevolence
Supplying graciously every need

He alone is the water of our souls that never runs dry
Filling to overflowing every area of our lives
Adorned in an array of glory,
Our Scepter of Salvation has neither beginning nor end
He ingeniously executes His sovereignty in demonstration
Of the divine order that all life comprehends

Our hearts are synchronized to the rhythm of His thunderous word
Beating strongly, anticipating His direction
Awakening the gifts He has stirred
We are carriers of His glory
Divinely appointed and ordained
Adhering to each request, our Father's call is not in vain

We are conquerors, for God is on our side
Having no fear of tomorrow, because in His love we abide
Ultimately unshaken and unhindered by life's winds
Proceeding steadily and bountifully on the course
Of our Father's ultimate dividends ~


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