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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Serial Prankster or Copycat: Glues Victims to Toilet Seats

Strange and deranged:

After reporting on such serious news lately, here is something a little lighter, but perhaps more serious for the victims of the serial toilet seat gluer.

Look before you leap is a childhood maxim that many of us has taken with us throughout our life. But perhaps you should also look before you sit.

It started on April fool day in Salisbury, Maryland. Some prankster spread glue on a toilet seat and caught an unsuspecting patron who became glued to the seat.

Then just a few days ago it happened in Walmart. Another victim was found glued to a toilet seat screaming for help.

Both victims had to be treated at a local hospital: Was the seat still attached, that was unreported.

Is this a serial prankster or a copycat? Who knows, but here is some advice look before you sit.

Source: Watercolor News


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