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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Fat Lady Sings in Council Elections

It is all over but for the celebration and the pats on the backs for the losers. Out of the three winners, one stands out as a new comer Scott Garrett.

Dr Garrett who is 49 years old and a physician should hopefully bring new ideas and accountability to the city council. To his credit, he has been in attendance of city council meetings and plans to continue to do so until his term begins.

To become of a physician develops a deep sense of analytical thinking. Perhaps more so, than any other career path. We hope Dr Scott Garrett brings those resources to his seat on city council.

Personally, my votes were for Jason Campbell, Chuck Gammon, and my third choice was Dr Scott Garrett. It would have pleased me greatly if both Jason and Chuck could have been in the winner's circle, but that was not the case. My three choices were based on the following, accountability in government, out of the box thinking, and the reduction of taxes. These three issues will continue to be a focal point of my future posts. And I will continue to point out when the city makes achievements, as well as their failures.

Spending less creatively can often reap better results, than spending more. I have found that from my personal life, and work in the competitive market; public services; cities; and the State of Virginia.

We deserve better government at a lower cost and I will continue to present alternatives on how things can be done.


At 6:06 PM, Blogger Larry Bassett said...

I urge you to continue your out-of-the-box thinking by becoming a real person with a real name and a real life. You are trying to be a public person in your blog and to change public policy. Step out and introduce yourself. Your Profile is noteably short of identifying information. What is the purpose of being anonymous. It does not seem to me that you are very accountable as an anonymous voice. Let me tell you that there is some real freedom in "coming out of the closet" if I dare borrow the phrase.


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