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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Exercise Your Right To Vote: Council Candidate Election Today

There has been heavy turn out in the polls as expected. This could be a record for the May elections in Lynchburg.

During the lunch hour, the traffic was brisk. Two candidates were at this polling station. And greeting voters as they arrived.

With a field of 12 candidates, the voting is going to be hard to predict. The major age groups that appeared to be coming to the polls was the 50 and up crowd.

When I asked the registar how heavy the turn out has been she wiped her forehead, and said steady. When asked how it compared to a November election she said, "it was about the same." Which is an unusual occurrence for Lynchburg.

On exiting the poll, I received a demonstration of the new touch voting system, that we will see in November.

Ms Elaine McCain gave a detailed introduction to the machine and I would hope that all the polling sites had someone as clear as her for their demonstrations. When I asked if Diebold made the machine she said, "funny you should ask that I really don't know, but others have been asking the same thing." I just smiled. (The reason why I asked.)

There was a good deal of handing out campaign literature. My hope is that voters went to the polls informed on the issues, and voted who they thought could best serve the city.

If you have not yet voted: Exercise your right, you may have the power to help direct the future of our City.


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