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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Penn State Innovation: Promises Fuel From Coal

Scientists at Penn State may have made a significant discovery that may cut imported oil for the aviation industry by half or perhaps even more.

This from Penn State:

The fuel, provisionally designated JP900, is produced in one of two processes
under investigation by Schubert. The process uses light cycle oil – a petroleum
byproduct -- and coal-derived refined chemical oil -- a byproduct of the coke
industry. The researchers mix the two components and add hydrogen. When
distilled, jet fuel comes off as a distillate. The process can be carried out in
existing refineries with some retrofitting and small amounts of the leftover
components will feed into various portions of the petroleum stream. The lighter
portions will go to the pool of chemicals that make gasoline and the heavier
ones go to the diesel or fuel oil streams.
With many alternative fuel ideas, solutions are years away. With this process, that can use existing technology at the refineries, more immediate solutions could be on their way.


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