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Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Lynchburg City Council Race Got a Few Degrees Hotter

The News and Advance presented an excellent article on the last forum of Lynchburg Council Candidates. What is note worthy is the squabble about how one set of figures were erroneously used portraying Lynchburg has having a greater budget than Roanoke.

This so far, has been the peg that the current City Council Members like Bert Dodson are hanging there hat on to defend their budgetary decisions.

There is no defense however, that the current City Council practices a spend and tax philosophy. Or a defence that one of the motives behind redevelopment is a way to increase your personal property assessments, so they can spend more on consultations, and Black-Berries for the Planning Commission.

We deserve a leaner and more efficient City Government. One that responds to the needs of the citizens other than their own needs. One that is dedicated to improving services, instead of increasing their tax base. Chuck Gammon and Jason Campbell are still offering the best opportunity to change the course of how our city government does business.


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