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Monday, March 13, 2006

Natural Bridge and Crossed Sticks

This from The Natural Bridge of Virginia:

"In 1750, young George Washington surveyed the Natural Bridge site for Lord Fairfax. Landmarks remain of the work and on the wall of the bridge where he carved his initials. "

"On July 5, 1774 just before the American Revolution and writing of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson purchased 157 acres of land including the Natural Bridge from King George III of England for 20 shillings. It has remained privately owned. "

"The braver guests could be lowered over the edge from the top of the bridge in a hexagonal steel cage while a violinist played."

Today, this remarkable wonder of nature is surrounded by other attractions, including a Monacan Indian village, a wax museum, a zoo, and other attractions. It's not far from Lynchburg and well worth a day visit. Below is a picture of the reconstructed Monican Village. If you notice the crossed sticks in front of the door. It is a sign for others to note that no one is home. In the earliest of cultures around the world this was a common practice.

Another place where placing a stick across your door is Chejudo island off the tip of South Korea. When I was there nearly 35 years ago, that was all people needed to know and they would not go in to your house. Today we have have double locks on our doors, and sometimes that is not enough.


At 8:31 PM, Anonymous AS said...

It is a beautiful place, but unlike its advertising... It is not One of the World of the Natural World... not even close...

here are the true Wonders of The Natural World:


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