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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Lynchburg Liberty U Gay Demonstration: What the News Didn't Tell You

This is not a story about gay activists, but it is a story about how the news is presented to you.

Friday, a group of gay demonstrators arrived in Lynchburg, there was preceding publicity. Expectations were that over a hundred would be demonstrating. The numbers fell well short of that. The group you see in top photo shows the largest part of the group and of those people you see are about people 8 people from the media.

In the next picture is the second group of demonstrators decidedly smaller over half of this small group are people from the press. These two pictures show the total of all those who were protesting, supplemented by the news media that was in the crowd too.

Now if you want to see what the media did with this, which is comparable to a small group waiting for reservations at a restaurant go here and watch WSET's eVideo. Careful photography made this event look bigger than it was. And, careful reporting didn't expose how small this group was. See also, the article in The News and Advance and see how they covered this paltry event.

In fireworks terms this demonstration was not a cherry bomb, but more like a sparkler that didn't ignite.

On the whole, the news media, an army of Lychburg police, and Liberty University police outnumbered the gays by about 5 to 1. There was also even a token presence of the Virginia State police.

In a way I was hoping to see more, back in the sixties people knew how to stage a protest, signs, sit ins, Tee shirts, chants; there was none of that. Everything was quite mundane, but for the 24 who were arrested for civil disobedience by trespassing on Liberty University.

Here are two additional pictures below just for your entertainment. The first is LU police acting as water-boys for huge police presence, the second is the most interesting participant I saw at the blown out of proportion demonstration. You may have to click the picture to see who the most interesting participant was.


At 4:52 PM, Blogger Larry Bassett said...

Thanks for taking me to the scene. Your observations are useful. I wish I had been there with the many others who support gay rights in Lynchburg. But such actions are typically small. The people down at Monument Terrace waving the flags and supporting the war are usually a small group. There have also been crowds of 100 at Monument Terrace opposing the war. Now, the issue of how these things are covered in the news media is a very interesting one. But crowd counting has limited value in and of itself. But why do you make me read between the lines? Do you support gay rights?

At 5:11 PM, Blogger B O B said...

Hi and thank you for your comment. Personally, I believe that that all people should have equal rights in all things, no matter what their life style. I think it is important to accept people as they are and who they are.

I believe we live in a world of diversity, and we should treat all with respect and caring.

Live and let live as long as it is done with respect for others.

At 7:04 PM, Anonymous AS said...

*** Cand delete my previous post, I had a couple of mistakes on it *** This is the revised post:

"I don't agree with the homosexual lifestyle. It is nothing new in humanity history... it has been around for thousand of years, and in most societies "gay" has always been "treated" as something not natural. Mostly a choice. I don't think we should "exclude" anyone from society, I believe we should treat people equally... as to the point of an individual. A gay person shouldn't be persecuted, they should have the right to vote, to express him/her self, they should have the right to be heard... but when it comes to his/her right with another person... than things are different.

Gay people like to say they should have the right to marry with the same sex because that marriage is about love... and what God says in the bible is up to interpretation... well, if that is the case... then things like polygamy and even "under age" relationships should be allowed... if love is all that matters, than as long as we "truly" feel it in our hearts then that makes it right?! Hmm, I don't think so.

Gay people also like to say that they don't have a choice, that they were born that way... We all have choices... every human being chooses to do what they want... unless they are "sick." I think we will all agree that we, humans, are sexual beings... sex is part of our lives... we are born/wired that way, right? Does that mean that all of our teens should be sexually active? I mean, we are born that way, we can't control it... Does that mean, that if I am married, I see a beautiful woman... because I am "wired" that way... I have no choice than to commit an adultery?

I agree that people have different temptations, and weakness... some is drugs, sex, gossip, alcohol... or homosexualism... we all have our kryptonites... but we all have the power to overcome... the power to choose."

At 8:48 PM, Blogger Jeff said...

I support the right of all people to be happy and secure in whatever lifestyle, religion, sexual oreintation, musical tastes, whatever.

In this circumstance however, you have a private campus who stated "If you come on our property, you will be arrested". Very cut and dry. Is it right? Maybe not, but it is the law, and these people broke the law. That part is very simple.

As for AS's comments...
Should we support polygamy...yes, we should, if the persons involved are consenting adults. Underage relationships you say? Don't be ridiculous I say...of course not. Children are not consenting adults....that is a no-brainer, yet it gets brought up time and time again. Relationships with animals? No...again, not able to give consent.

As for being "wired that way", the examples given are poor examples. Arguing that a gay person choosing to pursure a relationship with another person is the same as a straight married person choosing to commit adultery is not a logical argument. You also say that a gay person has the right to be heard, until it involves another person, then it becomes different. It becomes exactly the same as your rights are when you inolve yourself with long as that other person is entering the relationship freely and of their own will, then what is the difference?

Finally, you list several "temptations", a group in which homosexuality does not belong. Are you actually saying that a gay person should choose to remain single and celebate all of his/her life...just because he/she is gay? Would you be able to do this? Would you even think that it was a choice? Or would you AS, like most folks would, simply be who you are and how you were made and pursue the relationship that made you happy and complete?

At 10:31 PM, Anonymous AS said...


Yes, that's what I am saying... if celebacy will keep someone away, do it... I never heard of an alcoholic that after going to AA meetings ended up drinking socially sometime later...

As for the under age thing... I want to make sure I am being clear that I am against it... but... who says that a 16 year old can't make decisions? They can drive, they can work, I know so many 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 year old that are way more responsible than so many 30, 40, 50 year olds out there... in Jewish society a 13 year old is considered a man... In a society, where all it is preached "do what your heart says"... love is all it matters... I don't see this type of future problem happening... I would say that if we brought up the fact to America's forefathers that a couple of hundred years in the future Americans would want to legalize gay marriage, they would say that would be ridiculous...

As far as, who I want to be, complete and happy... I may bore you with it, but I am going to be who God wants me to be... Do I fail? yes... but my goals are to meet His goals... and if you ask, how can I know what His goals are... I would suggest, you picking up a Bible and reading it...

No, I don't mean go to a church... or listen to a preacher... or hear the bigotry that is out there... or some of the problems that exists on "institutionalized religion"... I say... without any strings attached... pick a bible, and read it... and ask God to show it to you.

At 8:18 AM, Blogger Renee said...

>>>I would say that if we brought up the fact to America's forefathers that a couple of hundred years in the future Americans would want to legalize gay marriage, they would say that would be ridiculous...<<<

It is also possible that if you told them that we would have nuclear weapons, be able to travel in space, and also drive in motorized vehicles that can reach above 100m/hr, they would also say that would be ridiculous.

>>>in Jewish society a 13 year old is considered a man<<<

This is not correct. Because that is an age where boys start puberty, he is considered becoming a man.

>>>In a society, where all it is preached "do what your heart says"... love is all it matters... I don't see this type of future problem happening.<<<

So what side are you on? One moment you are sounding like you are against gay people having all equal rights, then, in the next, you sound like you are for it. Are you homosexual? I am not asking this to be inflammatory. But, your comments have contradictions in each, just like the quoted example above.

At 3:56 PM, Anonymous AS said...

Not gay :-) I do have a friend in another state who is, and who showed me that a gay person is not some sort of society "outcast." That they are humans just like everyone else, that still doesn't mean that it makes it ok to be gay.

God created man and woman, and their perspective organs to fit each other just fine... anything else is plainly not natural... and I have had this conversation with my friend many times. He disagrees, and just because he does, it still doesn't make it ok.

Anyway, it's been fun... I really enjoy this blog :-) God Bless everyone here.

At 7:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not for nothing but the pics you show are after the 24 were arrested right? If so wouldn't that have made the T.V. coverage credible since they were there for the arrests. Just thought i'd point this out FYI.

At 10:18 AM, Blogger B O B said...

Thank you for your comment. The pictures were taken prior to any arrest or legal action.


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