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Monday, December 12, 2005

The Race to Stop Iran's Bomb

As Iran is moving forward with its nuclear efforts, there has been an almost not so quiet movement from Israeli to bring a stop to their progress. We have reported before that Iran was only months away from producing its first atom bomb.

In April of last year Israeli started working on a 30 million dollar purchase of 100 bunker buster bombs from the United States, now it is believed Israeli has those bombs in their arsenal.

A time-line has been developed for when a possible use of force could be used against Iran. Best estimates is that there will be an attack in March on Iran's nuclear facilities. Unlike a previous bombing by Israeli on a nuclear facility in Iran, this strike may include as many as 50 targets, and the use of ground troops has not been ruled out.

What are the prospects that such a plan will be enacted? Only time will tell, but we don't underestimate Israeli's resolve to put an end to a regional nuclear threat.

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photo credit: U S Airforce, the GBU bunker buster bomb


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