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Monday, December 12, 2005

Coca Cola Blak: Would You Like Cream and Sugar?

In January, Coca Cola will be bringing a new product out to woo the coffee drinker. Coca Cola Blak is being promoted as a decidedly different product that infuses the use of real coffee with coke.

Will this be the morning choice of drink to get you going? Coca Cola
hopes so. It has high expectations.

Personally, I am not one to experiment with my coffee. Just give me some good Colombian beans, ground coarse, and filtered through a coffee machine, and I am ready to go.

Coca Cola promises a new taste sensation. There was a product years back, when coffee was infused with beer. Somehow, I am not sure if this will meet the same fate as that coffee beer. It was here in one moment and gone in a flash.


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