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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Lynchburg Mayor Under Fire: The Measure of a Man

Personally, I could not imagine how I would respond, if I was in Carl Hutcherson's shoes. Looking at the charges and for that matter the charges against his son. He is under a test of metal. As much as the Federal indictment he is under an emotional indictment. One he has no choice, but to face.

He is choosing to challenge the charges laid against him. His attorney is asking for dismissal, claiming the indictment is flawed. An indictment that took over a year in grand jury deliberation to decide.

As much as the hard legal charges, there are character charges. And with these character charges will be the challenge that he must overcome. He must overcome to gain the respect of the community, his friends, his colleagues and those that have leveled the charges against him.

We must not forget that Carl Hutcherson has done a lot of good in his life. He has taught others in our schools, he has counselled his congregation, and he has made positive impacts on the lives of many. Yet, we are all human and have our flaws, and weaknesses. And now, he will be judged on if he has failed others. And if he has failed others like those two people who trusted him to manage their social security funds, all will be looking for his explanation.

It is time for Rev Carl Hutcherson to stand up and face this adversity. If the charges are false this will be Carl's finest hour. If they are true, we hope Carl will meet the challenge as a man with flaws, who has made some terrible judgements, that benefited him at the expense of others. How to justify those actions will portray the measure of the man.


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