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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Lynchburg Mayor Carl Hutcherson Indicted

WSET is reporting:

"Hutcherson is charged with two counts of Social Security fraud for defrauding social security recipients. Two charges of mail fraud have also been handed down. The remaining three charges are for bank fraud, false statements to federal officers and obstruction of justice."

The Mayor Carl Hutcherson could face severe penalties that could include over 2 million dollars in fines and over 100 years in jail.

Not many details are out concerning the indictment. Many in the community have stood behind the mayor during an extended grand jury investigation. As of today the Mayor still remains in office.


At 12:52 PM, Blogger Ken Martin said...

I'll start by saying I had Carl as a teacher at E.C. Glass. I learned a lot from him about the community and life.

I'll add the the Feds do not go after you unless they feel they have at least an 80 percent chance of a conviction. Local polictical figures seem to be a target of the Feds. Just take a look at all the problems in Richmond over the past ten years or more.

I am of the opinion that people can make bad decisions while running a business, organization or government. Those decisions in some cases may be lead to what may be considered a criminal act(s).

I have two sets of advice, if the indictments are true stand up and take the punishment. Don't waste the system any further. If they are not true, some will remember the person inside, most will remember it for years.

I pray for a speedy resolution, one way or the other.

At 6:28 PM, Blogger B O B said...

Thank you for the comment Ken. It is truly a shame that a person that has dedicated so much of his life to service to others now finds himself in this predicament.

When I see the prospect of the sentences that he is facing it also brings dismay. Many who have committed murder do not face these kinds of penalties.

I agree if he is guilty he should face his punishment like a man. If not he should give it a good fight. And I am not sure that the possible punishments fit the crime. But, as this unfolds I am sure we all will see the justice or injustice of our legal system.


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