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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Blogger Down For The Count

A good part of the evening last night Blogger went down. It happened around six pm and continued to almost midnight, as far as I could tell. We did have one page that was intermittently available during the outage.

As I was trying to figure if this was a massive outage, and find information on the status of blogger Adelphia in our area went south. And it went south hard the rest of the night.

Phone calls to Adelphia produced the sorry for the inconvenience, 404 err0r type of recording, and assurances that Adelphia's tech squad was hard on the problem.

Well, this morning both Adelphia and Blogger returned to action. Blogger is still limping a little. We can't add images to our posts. I had a nice one to add to MOM's sledding post too. I am just wondering when MOM took her kids sledding she took blogger and Adelphia down the hill with her? Well that is the conspiracy story that I am now pursuing, and I will be grilling her later.


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