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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Frugality in Lynchburg

I have run across a site that you may be interested in I always enjoy sites that tell me how to save money. Its called frugal for life. Practicing frugality has been a passion for me. It is surprising how well one can live spending very little cash. My budget is most likely a third of what the average person in Lynchburg spends.

When I first started this blog I ran a post about how to live cheap in Lynchburg. I gave away some of my tips, in hopes that it may help others balance their budget.

There are advantages to being a cheapskate. One is that I have more disposable cash to get the things that I really I want. Another is that I can help others out, that is one thing that I do not mind spending my money on. All my life money has never been a big issue. I was never one who had the intention of getting rich. I only had the intention of living comfortably.

For the longest time, in fact most of my life, I never had air conditioning, cable TV, or broadband internet. When I first got on the internet I was mostly happy with the cheapest service I could get.

There are some luxuries that I enjoy now. Cable TV, and broadband are two. And the fact that I haven't watched TV in years, it has been great entertainment just seeing the old shows that are really new to me.

I have managed to reach the point in life that my outgoing expenses do not exceed 550 dollars per month. That figure includes all of my living expenses including food. I perhaps spend another 100 dollars each month on living high off the hog. Sometimes I just can't restrain myself. I imagine most people in Lynchburg would find it impossible to live on that amount of cash, which I do quite easily.

My income is much higher that the 650 dollars a month that I spend. I use the excess for saving, helping others, and sometimes for the extravagant thing that I may not really need.

Sometimes I do have do some maintenance, on either my car or my home, but usually I have enough money to do that.

We as Americans are not thankful for the things that we have. I am thankful for all that I enjoy that people less fortunate than me do not have. I have lived in Asia, and have seen people hungry starving, and dying on the street. I have been to villages were the richest person was one that had a lawn mower engine, he could grind rice, and flour, and run an assortment of tools. I have watched people die because there was no medical care. I have seen what it is like for people not to have pure water. I have lived in places where 1 in 4 people had tuberculosis. I have known mothers to desert their children because they could not care for them. And they died in the ditches.

I am thankful for all that I have.


At 7:39 AM, Anonymous constant Reader said...


Great tips. I enjoyed going back and reading your June post. I wasn't a constant reader then. Thanks for sharing.

At 8:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Given how cheap it is to live in Lynchburg, I guess you're the King of Cheap (which is fine, if it makes you happy).


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