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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Lessons Learned: Check Spare

This has been an incredibly busy week for me and it started off with a lesson that I thought I would share with others.

On Monday, I had to make a quick trip into town to deposit a check. Daniel was home with the kids and I promised to be back in an hour (yes, 1/2 hour travel each way). So I get to the bank and there was a long line already in the drive-thru so I decided to go inside. There was a line there too, but in ten minutes I was out and calling Daniel to let him know I was on the way home.

As I reached in my pocket for my keys, I realized I didn't have them and looked in the window...there they were dangling from the ignition! But no matter, I had a spare in my purse. When I first got the car, there was a spare key, I tucked it in my purse for just such an emergency. That was two years ago, and I was finally going to cash in on my preparedness. I got the key out and it didn't fit the lock! I couldn't get it more than 1/2 way in! I couldn't believe it!

So, I called the travel club, waited an hour for them to come and unlock the car (which took less than 60 seconds), all the while trying to not look too conspicuous sitting against a lamp post in the middle of the parking lot! You would not believe how incredibly fast and easy it was for the gentleman to get the keys out of my car.

The two lessons I learned:

1. If you are going to be smart and carry a spare key...make sure it works!!!

2. Locking doors may not be that helpful. I mean, if a criminal can get in as quickly as that guy did, my stuff in the car is only as safe as the criminal is limited. So, hide your valubles in the trunk where they can't be seen to tempt.


At 9:51 AM, Anonymous peter hook said...

I recently met someone at a Target store had a nice cup of coffee with them and realized when I got back to my car I took the wrong set when I left the car.

Luckily Target sold coat hangers, and I was in my car in no time and so would be a theif.

At 10:10 AM, Blogger Melissa O. Markham said...

Peter Hook, you are right. We are vulnerable and being prepared can help make us less so.


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