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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Freebies for Kids!

Waterford Press: Waterford Press publishes some really wonderful activity books about nature and wildlife for kids and adults. You can download and print lots of Waterford's activities and games for free from their website!

E-Naturalist: The Electronic Naturalist is a free, weekly educational series on animals, plants, and environmental issues. The Electronic Naturalist helps bring the natural world to you. As a registered e-Naturalist user, you have access to: Unit preview -- see upcoming units; unit standards -- see how our units align to the national standards; E-Naturalist Newsletter -- receive weekly email updates; Peterson Journal Online -- get monthly nature publications from the Roger Tory Peterson Institute.

30 Thanksgiving Patterns and Projects From Bella Online's Frugal Living page, here are fun crafts, downloads, printables, recipes, clip art and history lessons to share with your family.


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