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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Buggy History When Software Comes Unhinged

Wired News is reporting:

The first bug found in a computer was a moth, in the Harvard Mark 1, in 1947. The bug was taken out and an engineer taped the bug in his journal saying, "first actual case of a bug being found." Since that day bugs became a pervasive nuisance to all that have to work through software and their subsequent patches. Now Wired News has released the top ten bugs, some that have not gone away.

One that they reported was allegedly to have been planted by the CIA and led to this:

"The resulting event is reportedly the largest non-nuclear explosion in the planet's history. "

We recommend this read from Wired News and you will see how computer bugs, have impacted every area of lives, with the hidden promise of more to come.


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