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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Stickier the Mess in New Orleans

In following the comments on Mom's post that have really turned into a live message board exchange. 'The Stinkier the Feller," has become more busier that a fly stuck in a honey jar. The fly must think, darn who's to blame. "Was it the mom that left that lid off or her son? Or was it just my fault for wandering into this mess? "

Well it turned out to be a sticky situation for the fly, and the harder he tried to extract himself from the mess, the deeper he got. So who was to blame for this sticky mess? Well the fly, just thought "I'm not sure, but I am not out of this mess yet."

CNN on September 12, was one to weigh in the mess in New Orleans, if you read that article, you will see the blame can just go on and on. I posted on part of what they brought out in "Virginia Relief Convoy Turned Back by Louisiana," Louisiana told a Viriginia convoy just to turn around.

Then, there was the Amtrak train problem. If you read the CNN article to the end, you will see that an empty train left New Orleans after they were told basically we don't need your help.

When all the fingers of blame are pointed in the end, we are all going to find out that almost everyone involved made tremendous mistakes in judgement. Lets hope we can learn from our mistakes. So if something happens like this again there will be less mistakes.


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