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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Car Seat Safety

Remember the days when we rode in the back seats of our parent's cars, with our heads leaning out the window and the wind blowing into our face? Or how about when our parents put blankets down in the floorboards for us to curl up and take a nap? This has changed quite a bit over the years as people realized that the small bodies of children need more protection.

So now there are car seats. all states have varying degrees of Car Seat Laws , and children are being better protected in automobiles. If you are unsure of Virginia requirements and suggestions go here: DMV General information.

New studies have shown that the Seating Postion for children is also important. Be sure to note that while VA laws do not require a child to be in a car seat past the age of 5, studies show that being in a car seat or booster seat until the age of 8 are much more likely to not be injured during a car crash. If you are having trouble with car seat positioning, check with your local DMV for advice. They are trained in this.

Drive safely.


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