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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Katrinia Blankenship and Hurricane Destiny

What happens when you just happen to have the name Katrinia, and three gulf states are devastated by your namesake? Katrinia Blankenship from Powhatan, Virginia met destiny head on.

WRIC 8 News in Richmond and Petersburg is reporting:

Katrinia Blankenship who had a business site with the domain name of went through a metamorphism. Her site changed from her business site to a massive resource for the
survivors of hurricane Katrinia.

"Every hour, hundreds of emails come to the website at with information about missing loved ones. That computer is the only one in the house with an Internet connection, but that's not the only problem facing this website."

The emails started coming, and coming. Her domain name acted as a funnel over-powering her dial up connection. Requests for information for those affected by Katrinia came in a relentless tide. She contacted the Department of Homeland Security and the American Red Cross. Soon her site transposed into a valued information interchange for all those seeking and sending information. Destiny has changed

Now, the Red Cross is offering her 10 computers, and Verizon is going to improve her internet speed. And the information will flow much like the torrent of water that flowed over New Orleans.

To read more go to WRIC.


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