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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Hotel up for Auction to Help with Relief Effort

From time to time you will hear about weird things being auctioned on Ebay. There was the ghost in the jar (which led to a whole lot of other ghosts being auctioned off...even ghost droppings). There have been various food items that bear the images of Jesus or Mary.

Well now there is an auction that while I am afraid is too rich for my wallet, may be of interest to someone of more means than I. The Mount Washington Hotel is offering one night to the highest bidder. They are auctioning off the whole hotel...almost 500 rooms. The winning bidder can invite all of their closest friends for a night to remember and all of the auction money will be donated to the Hurricane Katrina relief effort.

Now is that great or what!? Okay, how about a local hotel getting in on the action? Whatcha say Lynchburg!?


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