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Monday, August 15, 2005

Thanks for the Review

Recently, a local Lynchburg blog did a review of our site and had many good words to say about us. We appreciate their interest, and we also recommend their site the Conservative's Comment Page. And look forward to reading their posts.

We at Lynchburg Virginia Blog, attempt to be an issue driven blog. We embrace ideas from all sources. Our aim is to make the Lynchburg area a better place to live. And in the process, we will deliver news, commentary, interesting things to do, and ideas that we just plainly think you should know about.

There are two new contributors to this blog, when we decided to incorporate new partners, one question we did not ask was, what were their political leanings? In fact, we have no clue nor do we desire to know. What we were interested in, is how they can contribute ideas to make Lynchburg a better place to live.

We realize that at times, we will not please everyone with our posts. And if you agree or disagree with us, we promise to keep an open mind. And will listen to your ideas.


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