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Friday, August 12, 2005

Vandals Deface Riverside Park Train

We again have the unfortunate task of telling you about another act of vandalism in Lynchburg. The train in Riverside Park was defaced with graffiti. Lynchburg Grows recently had thousands of dollars of damage done to their greenhouses, when we went to view the damage ourselves we noticed graffiti was near that site also.

The News and Advance is reporting:

"The graffiti consisted of symbols and obscenities that covered two-thirds of one side of the tender car, Hodges said. Three people spent a day removing it with chemicals. The overall damage done was $500."

There are no suspects or witnesses.
To read the full story go to the Lynchburg News and Advance.

Again, we are wondering, where is Lynchburg's graffiti abatement program? We have previously posted stories on the graffiti along the Riverfront and on Ninth Street. Areas that Lynchburg is striving hard to improve. Many cities across the United States have effective graffiti abatement plans. The time has come for Lynchburg to make active steps in developing its own plan.


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