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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Amazement Square: Simply Amazing!

Amazement Square is a wonderful resource in downtown Lynchburg and it is deeply linked with the revitalization of the downtown area. Located at 27 Ninth Street, Lynchburg, VA, this old warehouse has been refurbished, and inside there is an exciting world for children and adults.

The four floors are filled with opportunities for fun, learning and creativity! When you enter, you will be on the second floor. Here you will find a barn area designed with children ages 4 and under in mind. You will also find a changing exhibit (currently it is full of information and activities regarding birds, in the past this exhibit has included wonderful information about Japan, Handicapped individuals, and literature.).

Go down to the first floor and try your hand at the craft of the month, paint on the walls of a special room, do some tumbling, put on a puppet show, play a musical instrument or do some interactive tv.

The third floor has a ball section where children get to do experiments with motion, they also get to see how electrical current travels, walk through the chambers of the heart, and enjoy another traveling exhibit section.

On the fourth floor, there is a rafting trip down the James to experience, an Indian Village, a playhouse, some computers, building blocks and a wonderful area where children get to learn how the locks on the James River work and what happens when a storm appears over Lynchburg. And then from the first floor to the fourth, there is a series of tunnels, tubes, and ladders that will delight all children.

And all the above is the tip of the iceberg! There are programs, monthly themes, and much, much more! I have traveled quite a bit and have visited Children's Museums from Boston to San Franscisco and from Florida to Canada and the one here in Lynchburg is definitely one of the best! We are lucky to have this fantastic resource here in town.

Check out the website for more information, hours, admission prices and events. If you are a homeschooler or teacher, be sure to ask about the teacher membership which is less expensive than the family membership and gives you access to extra educational resources.


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