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Friday, August 12, 2005

What is on the Agenda of the Lynchburg Circuit Court Today?

When the Circuit Court of Lynchburg convenes today, the judge, the prosecutors, the defense lawyers and their clients will face decisions that may lead some behind bars.

There will be 8 bench trials, 16 people will stand up and be sentenced, and there will be a bond hearing and an advisement.

He is a hodgepodge of cases that will be brought before the court:

Grand larceny
Firearm - Use During Commission of Felony
Firearm - Possession by Convicted Violent Felon-
Credit Card Forgery
Credit Card Fraud
Sex Offender - Fail to Register - Violent Offense
Larceny -
Unauthorized Use of Food Stamps - 3rd Offense
Construction Fraud
Child Neglect/Abuse -- Reckless Disregard
Assault & Battery
Arson - Occupied Dwelling
Resisting ArrestDisorderly ConductDrunk in Public
Throw/Shoot at Occupied Vehicle -
MaliciousFail to Stop for Police OfficerAssault & Battery -
Law Enforcement OfficerAssault & Battery -
Law Enforcement Officer Obstruction of Justice -
Drug Related Obstruction of Justice -
Felony Threat or Force
Possession with Intent/CocaineFirearm -
Possession of while Distributing/Possessing WITD Sch I/II Drug
Receive or Conceal Stolen FirearmHit & Run -
Unattended Property Damage
Refusal of Blood/Breath Test
Driving While Intoxicated (1st Offense)
Wounding Malicious


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