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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hamsters, like humans, eat more when stressed!

According to some very interesting recent studies, hamsters tend to eat more when stressed out and to gain weight. Unlike rats and mice, who went put in similar situations tend not to eat.

I have lived in a stressful life situation for many years..different stressors that I won't bore you or myself with, so now I have yet another excuse/reason why it has been easy for me to gain and hard to lose.

From the article:

Another line of inquiry would be to compare mice and rats to hamsters.

Humans and hamsters, which eat more under stress, share the same
predominant stress hormone, cortisol, noted Bartness, Rats and mice, which eat
less under stress, have a different primary stress hormone, corticosterone. This
raises the question of whether stress-induced increases in cortisol play a more
important role in the desire to eat and weight gain compared to

Researchers will also want to know if drugs can
block stress-induced obesity, for example, by blocking the release of the stress
hormone, corticotrophin releasing factor (CRF), or by blocking the body’s CRF
receptors, Bartness said. CRF, also sometimes referred to as corticotrophin
releasing hormone, produces the body’s “fight or flight” response under stress
and helps kick off a cascade of physiological responses.

are a whole suite of physiological responses that occur as a result of stress,”
Bartness said. It will take time to unravel all these physiological responses
and to use that knowledge to block stress-induced obesity. It may even turn out
that the reactions are too complex to easily block, he said.

So this makes me wonder if Cortislim really may be affective in weight loss. So many drugs are not. But maybe, they have really hit on something and it might be worth a try to add that to my weight loss program. If anyone has taken Cortislim, I would be interested in hearing your take on it. BTW, the site I am linking to for Cortislim appears to be their main site, but I have seen it in Walmart or Sam's recently, so you don't need to order it from there. Plus there were some other places offering it at good prices if you Google Cortislim.

Also, for those of you who have been following my increasingly intermittent posts about weight loss. I have lost 42 pounds, but have hit a plateau for the last month or so that I am trying to break through.


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