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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Saturday batBack Roundup

Since batBack is getting off the ground, I thought I would share with you some of the latest rated articles for the last week. Don't know what batBack is? Check out the FAQ.

  • Huge Increase in Ununsured Americans on Melissa's Home School Blog was deemed the most important article, as well as the most interesting. In it, Melissa talks about her personal experience with insurance, and suggests something we can do about it.

  • Jason Campbell Answers Critics on the Lynchburg, Virginia blog had the most votes. Getting the most votes is not an indicator that the article is good or bad, only that people felt a need to respond to it. It looks like Bob generated a lot of response with this article.

  • Question of the Week: Is #3 The Charm? on the Lynchburg Virginia blog gathered the most agreement. It was also deemed the most timely article. Something to check out if you have time today. There's also a summary entry for the QOW. This is one of the most commented posts that they've had on the Lynchburg Virginia blog so far.

  • Here's One For Larry was the most original article. In it, I wrote a new feature for batBack based on Larry's ideas. On one day Larry had an idea, and on the next day it was part of batBack. Hope you like it, Larry!

  • The Seven Best Classic Rock Songs To Program To was the funniest article, and it was on the What To Fix blog.

  • Finally, the most readable article was Mud Holes Wildlife Center of Virginia on Melissa's blog. Melissa consistently writes great readable articles. Way to go, Melissa!

I hope to have a "best of the week" hot list page up in the next couple of days for everybody to view when they want. It's really neat to be able to find the best articles across multiple blogs and present them here for you!


At 11:26 AM, Blogger Larry Bassett said...

The idea of a weekly roundup is a good one. Maybe some weekend readers will be encouraged to return if the amount to look at is not so overwhelming. The linear posting fashion is hard if you come in the middle of something.

Since you are proud of your fast response to my idea, here's another one. (BTW, fast is not always better.)

I am a conscientious objector. When there was a military draft, I had certain legal rights about service in the military. Now there is no draft but my taxes are still "drafted" to kill people in wars. I had a right to refuse to kill based on my conscientious beliefs but my money can legally be sent in my place so that others can kill. What should I do? Could all my federal income taxes be used for non-military expenditures?

Take a little longer on this one if you want. It is important.

At 12:43 PM, Blogger Melissa O. Markham said...

Wow! This hotlist page is a cool idea! And I am proud to be on there three times! Boy that sets the bar high for this next week!


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