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Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Day Before Easter: Jesus Was Late

It was an odd sight even for Wards Road Lynchburg. Jesus was bearing his cross making his way up the road.

I have seen anti-abortionists come to the corner of Chandlers and Ward and surround the street. And, I have seen men dressed as women waving at cars at the same intersection.

Wards Road have been for years a place for people to strut their stuff. Usually fancy cars, with illegal neon lights, or souped up road cars, going up and then back down the road.

Beggars with signs saying "stranded" or "I work for food," have also been common sights. The ones carrying the "stranded" sign seems to get most of the change and bills. Although they are stranded on a daily basis for years, somehow drivers have sympathy. This may soon change with the begging ordinances.

Yet to see Jesus bearing his cross up Wards Road, caused few to bat an eye. I drove back for a second look. It was a strong reminder of the meaning of Easter. A person died for our sins. And, there was a rebirth, today; a resurrection; a bringing back of life.

Today, people will be going to Church dressed in their finest. And in between the egg hunts, and the chocolate Easter bunnies, there will be some, perhaps many that will take the resurrection to heart.

Suddenly the man bearing the cross, turned and posed. He said laughingly, "Please leave my fat out to the picture," as he pinched his side. Then said, "you know 'Jesus Saves'."

I smiled, he continued on his journey, up Wards Road perhaps to a hill. His journey was a personal statement of his faith. And, he was not afraid to share his conviction for all to see.

Yes, Jesus was a day late. The day before he was nailed to the cross. And today with the blooms of Spring brings new life to all.


At 10:50 AM, Anonymous Mappo said...

It looks like "Jesus" could stand to hit the treadmill. Maybe a few days of starvation on the cross will do him some good.


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