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Friday, April 14, 2006

Charlottesville15 Year Old to Be Held in Bomb Plot

I'm..."sorry for everything I did. . . . I'm sorry for being in the plan. . . . I'm ready to go home."

This statement was reported by the Richmond Times Dispatch. And although the details are not clear, this boy and a couple of 13 years were convicted for conspiracy to bomb their school. The prosecution was confident that if the plan was not stopped they would have carried through with the plot. The 15 year old boy had been in the press before for wearing a National Rifle Association tee shirt to school and he was told to wear it inside out.

All the court records are not available, because those involved were minors. The judge has ruled that the boy can be detained for an unspecified period of time because it appears through all the testimony that the child could pose a risk to the community. His parents plan to appeal and ask for a jury trial.

One of the psychologist that examined the child said, the child was extremely immature. And he did make some scary statements.

This from the Charlottesville Daily Progress:

When police asked, “Why do it?” .... “For the pleasure. Just to do it.”

It appears that no bomb making was attempted, but the police did confiscate weapons found in his father safe. I wonder if we are geared to over react to situations like these because of thoughts of Columbine.


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