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Friday, March 17, 2006

Alt Tab and Right Click

I have found out about two amazing 'shortcuts' on the computer in the last couple of weeks that help make life simpler. First I found out about alt/tab. Say you have a bunch of windows open...Explorer, Quickbooks, Outlook, Word, whatever...well instead of mousing down to the bottom of the screen to click on which one you want to see, you can hold down alt tab. This brings up a neat little box in the middle of your screen. Keep hitting tab until you get to the window you want to see, let go of alt and the window you want appears. Very nifty!!!!

Also Henry shared with me a neat function of right click. I was trying to figure out how to enjoy the Homeschooling Carnival without having to hit the back button so much. He says that if you right click on the link you want to visit, then choose open a new window, that a new window will pop up with the information you want to see. Read it, act on it if you want, close it and the original post is still there! Here, give it a try!

And a neat feature that I use a lot and have used for a while is tiling windows. When I am working in Ebay, sometimes I need to check out my auction software at Spare Dollar at the same time, so I open both windows (making them big and all other windows are minimized), then right click on the 'bar' at the bottom of your know where it shows you what windows you have open, but you need to right click in an open space. A menu will pop up and you can tile your windows vertically or horizontally. If you have two windows open, each will pop up, side by side and you can view them both with ease.

I would love to hear any other shortcuts people may be using!


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