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Friday, February 17, 2006

Lynchburg: 92 Year Old Woman Purse Snatched

WSET is reporting:

A 92 year old woman purse was snatched at the Wal-Mart in Lynchburg while waiting for a bus.  When she screamed out for help her son took off after the thief, but failed to catch him.  Security cameras did film the event and the police are looking for a black Ford Contour.

Hazel Keyes the victim of the robbery has refused offers of help that WSET has reported to have come in to them in mass.  Mrs. Keyes is fearful that if she accepts any money that it would again make her a target by the same thief.

Mrs. Keyes had 1,600 dollars in her purse that she was saving to buy her son a car.  Fearful of banks and leaving the money at home she always carried the cash with her.  

Fellers Chevrolet is going to give the lady a car.  We applaud their good deed and want them to know that this kind act has not gone unnoticed.  Because of this kind act of Fellers Chevrolet we recommend the next time you are considering a car purchase to give them a shot.


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