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Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Russians are Coming: And Turning your Keyboard into a Monitor

With all the computer and internet advances out, it is getting increasingly harder to keep up. And once you thought that some aspect is just not being explored lo and behold someone comes up with a idea that pushes the envelope.

Imagine for a moment that plain and simple keyboard transforms from that raw plastic interface into a visual display on each key. One that is morph changing according to the task or language you are writing in. And then, each key presents a changeable visual display of functions that interact with the program you are using.

Well, the Russians have done just that with this new tech skill, possibilities could be endless. They have already figured a way to interface with such programs as photoshop, gaming may take on a new dimension, and if you delve further in with your imagination a visual keyed touch interface could unleash a torrent of possibilities.

In the past, ergonomic keyboards were the rage, I think I still have one of those in a box somewhere. Some keyboards now offer extra buttons to perform some quick shortcuts to common tasks. This new keyboard will take your fingers on a tactile visual adventure that now can only be imagined.

This is just the threshold of a new concept that once out of the starting gate will just amaze you when refined in the future.

To see what is up with this new concept product by Optimus go here.


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