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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Lynchburg Mayor Hutcherson Indicted: A Kettle of Fish

The Daily Press is reporting:

Today Mayor Hutcherson went to court in Roanoke and appeared before Judge Turk, in what appears to be a case that will challenge you to suspend your imagination.

There is little that is not being challenged. Even the place where the trial will be held is still up for debate. Can a jury be seated in Lynchburg? The Federal prosecutors are contending it will be difficult. The defense is saying they are sure he could get a fair trial anywhere.

First lets say the Mayor has said he is entirely innocent of the seven count indictment, which includes charges of sifting from a charity for his own benefit, and taking from two on Social Security Disability for his own purposes. He denies these charges. It is our hope that if he is innocent he totally redeems his name. If not, he should be held accountable. We do not need a Mayor or a Reverend in our city who has made such a legal and moral breach of trust to the people he serves. There is a greater reckoning he has to deal with, his conscience and his God.

It is one thing to be declared not guilty in a court of law. Perhaps, you can escape the consequences if you fall into the shadow the doubt. But morally can you find the self justification that even if you clear your name legally, did you do it morally?

The challenges go farther on just what will be the venue of the court. Lynchburg or elsewhere, the Mayor is certain to face the charges. Each side has asked for the attorneys be removed from the case. The defense has even asked the charges be dropped.

This from the Daily Press:

"Judge James Turk scheduled a Feb. 1 hearing on motions, which include a move to disqualify attorneys on both sides. Defense attorney John Fishwick also filed a motion this week to dismiss the case, or at least the charge of obstruction of justice, because of "prosecutorial misconduct" and irregularities in the yearlong grand jury proceedings."

How things will proceed from here is up to speculation. We are, however, wanting to hear if Mayor Hutcherson clears his name when he has his day in court.

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At 2:08 PM, Blogger Jeff said...

As B-9, that "Bumbling Bucket of Bolts", the Robot from Lost in Space might have said concerning this mess....

"Danger, Danger Will Robinson"

It's a-gonna git nasty.


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