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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Smile You Are on a Camera.

Perhaps we all should remember that wherever you go and what ever you do chances are you are on film. If you go into any store, or visit government offices such as the DMV chances are a camera has caught your presence. Most of us have learned to live with the fact, that we are almost constantly under surveillance. Cameras have convicted people committing crimes, and in other cases have proved that someone did not commit a crime.

There is a case I am familiar with when a convenience store clerk was accused of taking a wallet left by a customer on the counter. When the customer came back to the store, he was sure and belligerent that the clerk had lifted his wallet. The clerk insisted otherwise, and his final argument was supported with a review of the security camera, which showed another customer reaching and grabbing the wallet.

For the innocent cameras can serve you well. If you ever need to justify your whereabouts chances are a camera may prove to be your best alibi. For the guilty cameras may just seal your fate.

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