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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Ya Know...There Are Just Some Things City Police Don't Have to Deal With...

In a previous post by DL Ennis, I mentioned that years ago, while working as a Police Officer at the Wintergreen Ski Resort in Nelson County VA, I often had to respond to "bear in the dumpster" calls. Like I said in my comment, we would just pull up and burp the siren and the bears would usually run away, no harm no foul. a story from the Chanute Tribune, in Chanute, Kansas, the local constabulary apparently have more experience in this area. Read the story and then pay close attention to the very last line (no peeking).

A family's pet bear may have outworn its welcome in Neosho County after repeatedly escaping from its cage and attacking a sheriff's deputy's patrol car last week.

Sheriff Jim Keath said Deputy Matt Bogle responded to a call the evening of Dec. 19 about a bear damaging property.

After making his report, Bogle went next door to where the bear lives and saw that it was loose and not in its cage. He ran back to his patrol car, where the bear followed and climbed up on the driver's side. After the bear grabbed the driver's side mirror, Bogle rolled down the window and began hitting the bear's nose with a flashlight.

The bear let go and a member of the family that owns the bear was called to come lock up the bear. Neosho County ordinances require bears be kept in their kennels.


At 7:43 AM, Blogger D L Ennis said...

lol I guess everyone owns a bear in Chanute, Kansas.


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