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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Want More Old TV: AOL Has a Plan

The New York Times is reporting:

"Looking for "The Fugitive?" Didn't get enough "Eight Is Enough?" Would you like to "Welcome Back, Kotter" one more time?"

AOL and Warner Brothers are planning to air over 100 past TV programs for free on the AOL website early next year. This project will be totally free and you do not have to be a member of AOL to view the content. I would suspect that you would have to have broad band.

The catch is that you will be subjected to two minutes of advertising each half hour of viewing. This compares to eight minutes that you would be normally required to suffer from regular TV.
(Hint to investors there are companies that sell interfaces that converts your TV screen to show what is on your monitor.)

AOL and Warner Brothers have taken a lesson plan right out of Google's book on how to build visitors to their site. In the long run they will hope you will explore their AOL site more carefully. Personally, I am always in favor of free content on the web. If you ask me to pay something I will go elsewhere.

Over the horizon, Google is working on a plan for offering free broad band access for everyone. If this becomes a reality or not is yet to be seen. Internet Service providers I am sure are shaking in their boots.


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